Istvan Eross|囚禁的地球 Pen

囚禁的地球 Pen

Istvan Eross

匈牙利 Hungary

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, twine, other plant materials

理念 Statement


My sculpture installation will consist of a large cube made from bamboo fixed with rope.  The cube will have a large sphere or ball trapped inside it.  The skeleton of the ball will be made from bamboo and filled with other natural materials. 

The idea of this work is based on the contradiction of the two forms:  the cube and the ball.  The sphere is a symbol of movement and freedom and represents nature and the earth.  The cube is a symbol of the static, force, law and aggression and represents human activity.  This work hopefully will cause people to think about the fate of the earth and the consequences of human actions that cause changes such as global warming.