Aihua Hsia|「想像的流」通往的境界 To the flowing time and weather that changes human desire

「想像的流」通往的境界 To the flowing time and weather that changes human desire

Aihua Hsia

臺灣 Taiwan

年份 Year

材料 Materials
枯枝 、岩彩
Branches, mineral pigments

理念 Statement




In Taiwan the weather is usually very calm and mild, and we do not have to worry about snow and ice.  I never saw a tornado in my hometown.  However, when I studied in Japan I felt the four seasons for the first time.  People were so sensitive to the temperature, and they even tried to use science to keep the temperature in the room comfortable.  But, we still cannot control the environment.

I remember when I studied in Okinawa, Japan, in 2000, I went diving to see the coral every summer during vacation. The coral was so beautiful and colorful.  But this year I saw the sad news about coral.  The temperature is getting so high in the seas around Okinawa, and as a result all of the coral will become white.  If the temperature in the sea does not fall in one week, all of the coral will die. Even the TV says that global warming is getting more serious every day.  If we cannot see how our environment is being changed so quickly, then people will not understand the seriousness of this problem of what is happening to the earth.  Accordingly I will try to show people this emergency vividly with my artwork to let them know it is an immediate problem. 

For my work, I want to make a representation of the ecology of Guandu Nature Park (Each unit will be about 20 cm to 30 cm high).  I will place these representations of the plants of Guandu Nature Park in an area about 3 meters in size with the shape to fit the selected site for my work.  I will color the plants made from branches found in the Park with mineral pigments adhered by gelatin. The mineral pigment I will use is made from the rocks and earth, so it is a natural material that will not have a bad effect on our environment. The color on my work will fall off gradually due to the rain and weather changes outdoors.  Slowly this little ecology that I have created will become white just like the coral that stays at a high temperature in the ocean because of global warming. 

With my work people will feel the change dramatically, and in a short time see the color change to white.  I hope that this will cause them to start to think seriously about the problem of global warming.