Donald Buglass|改變的護身符 Talisman of Change

改變的護身符 Talisman of Change

Donald Buglass

紐西蘭 New Zealand

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, twine

理念 Statement



“Talisman of Change”, as the name suggests, is a charm, and its purpose is to reverse the downward spiral of environmental destruction and climate change.

Man has destabilized the Earth’s ecology and “Talisman of Change” is a symbol of the primal forces that must at some point begin again to rectify the present chaotic state, whether or not humanity is still here to witness it. “Talisman of Change” also reflects on a time when man was in harmony with nature and could communicate with it through shamen and oracles.
Three is significant as a traditionally spiritual number in Maori (Indigenous New Zealanders) culture representing the earth and sky with man in between. Reinforcing this, the bamboo is bound by three different colors of naturally dyed binding, also significant to Maori.

Although “Talisman of Change” may not actually change the catastrophic forces that are now in play I think, in this case, it’s the thought that counts.This sculpture consists of three horn shaped cones constructed from lengths of bamboo. The bamboo in fastened together with natural fibre binding dyed in symbolic colors. The horns will lie on each other in a vortex shape (reminiscent of a tornado) with the tips pointing to the sky and the open ends fanning out from the centre.