Karl Ciesluk|僅存一魚 Only One Fish Left

僅存一魚 Only One Fish Left

Karl Ciesluk

加拿大 Canada

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, twine, reflected in water

理念 Statement

“Only One Fish Left” is from my “Reflective Fish Series”.  It is an inspiring theme I have been working to develop for a few years.  I build partly-submerged half-fish constructions in water, which complete their whole fish shape through their reflection, in perfect symmetry – almost magical, as they seem weightless, afloat jewel-like in the water.  I have made temporary sculptures from natural and man-made materials in a variety of sizes – right up to 30 feet long.  All have the same magical effect.  This work incorporates nature and sculpture within the natural environment and allows the viewer to experience art in a new way that includes an element of discovery and surprise.  “Only One Fish Left” makes an environmental statement – we have to protect nature for future generations.  On the sea, we have overfishing, and inland the ever-increasing encroachment of fish habitats by developers.  Both have an impact on the fish population.  Wetlands such as the one here at Guandu Nature Park are gleaming examples of how we can make a difference in saving the flora and fauna that depend on these eco-systems for their survival.  It is our civic duty to protect our environment for future generations to enjoy.  If not for us, who will protect us from having … “Only One Fish Left”?