Benjamin Taffinder|活水迷宮 Water Maze

活水迷宮 Water Maze

Benjamin Taffinder

英國 U.K

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, boat pumps, plastic pipe, twine, water

理念 Statement


Water is the park’s connecting element, and I am using it to create an interactive artwork.  Visitors are encouraged to use fixed boat pumps to lift water from the pond or marsh to a high outlet where it falls, bringing to life a maze of bamboo channels, pipes and flippers as it flows back down to it’s source.  This piece is meant to be fun for groups of visitors – especially children – and encourages teamwork because the more people involved in pumping, the greater the sensory effect will be.  In relying on public interaction to function, I hope the work draws attention to a very simple, very important piece of our world.  I want to create something that sensitively expands visitor’s perceptions of the water upon which all the reserve’s wildlife, and of course we ourselves depend.