Karin van der Molen|夢想的翅膀 In My Dreams I Can Fly

夢想的翅膀 In My Dreams I Can Fly

Karin van der Molen

荷蘭 Netherlands

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Bamboo, reeds, twine

理念 Statement



Making art means possibility to me - possibility to discover many, if not all, layers of life, the world, history and the here and now.  Painting gives me the opportunity to escape from the world of 2 x 2 = 4.  It gives me the possibility to make the invisible visible, with room for mystery, but mostly connected to themes I work with.  As I moved from the city to an old farm close to a nature preserve, my interest awoke to work with natural materials.  I started to create large objects, mostly made of willow twigs.  These objects relate to our sometimes difficult, but always most needed, connection to nature.  Although in form maybe more abstract than my paintings, I feel the objects communicate their meaning more directly.  Even working on them is very direct, physically and spiritually.  They grow in a non-painful way (as opposed to the sometimes hard and lonely struggle in my painting activities).  The materials, the work, the objects and their meaning are very closely linked.  Also the places where they are exhibited, mostly in nature preserves or parks, stimulate a direct contact between art, nature and visitors.  That is why I intensely love working in these kinds of projects.