Jane Ingram Allen|有巢氏 Nests for Humans

有巢氏 Nests for Humans

Jane Ingram Allen

美國 U.S.A.

年份 Year

材料 Materials
Fallen branches and twigs, rope and string, handmade paper pulp, bird seeds

理念 Statement

These human-sized nests are for people to enter and rest there a while to think about man’s relationship to nature and the wonder of a bird’s creation.  Visitors and volunteers will make some of the handmade paper sheets that line the nests. The paper is made from the bark and leaves of plants found here at Guandu Nature Park.  The paper pulp has birdseeds in it to provide nourishment for the birds and also encourage the birds to come closer so that people can quietly watch them.  Like all things in Nature this artwork will dissolve over time going back into the earth.  The elements of change and chance and the processes of nature are my partners in making this work. Time, wind, rain, animals, birds and humans will all leave their marks on these nests.

藝術家 Artist



Jane Ingram Allen

Jane Ingram Allen is an American sculptor/installation artist and hand papermaker, originally from Alabama and now based in New York State. In 2004 she received a Fulbright Scholar Award to be an artist in residence in Taiwan and to do a research project on hand papermaking in Taiwan.  Her Fulbright grant was extended through July 2005 with sponsorship by the Taiwan Council for Cultural Affairs/National Endowment for Culture and Art.  Jane has been an art professor at the State University of New York in Morrisville, NY, and the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY.  Jane is also an art critic and writer as well as an independent curator.  She has had solo exhibitions at galleries and museums in New York and throughout the USA as well as internationally.  Jane has created her installations in many public spaces. She has been an artist-in-residence in the US as well as in the Philippines, Japan, Nepal and Brazil.

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