Slavek Kwi 《外星人報告1號—關渡聆聽場:殘留物、遺跡與記憶碎片》 Alien Report No.1_ Guandu Listening Sites: Residues, Remnants and Debris of Memories

外星人報告1號—關渡聆聽場:殘留物、遺跡與記憶碎片 Alien Report No.1_ Guandu Listening Sites: Residues, Remnants and Debris of Memories

Slavek Kwi

捷克/愛爾蘭 Czech/Ireland

年份 | Year

位置 | Location
自然中心一樓 Nature Center (First Floor)

材料 | Material
Sound Installation

理念 | Statement



Imagine an alien race living in a completely different paradigm, communicating via sounds reminiscent of the human concept of “music” who can “see” the sounds (similar as human concept of synesthesia). One of these aliens is visiting Guandu Nature Park trying to tune in the surrounding environment, looking for a way to co-exist within the unknown habitat. Every sound has the same potential to interact; all sounds are equal participants in an ecological organism. The visiting alien is trying to find his own equal place within, the same as any other sound. The alien suddenly becomes another animal species looking for its niche within an existing environment.

The alien is generating sounds in the site, exploring various places at different times every day for three weeks, each session for two hours duration. After some while, he settles in three locations suited best to his needs. He alters slightly the place to feel safe, to feel comfortable while he interacts with the space. Branches bend and tight together to free the way, leaves re-organized out of the path, seeds and berries strung on a rope like an encoded message: like spider weaving his web in already existing infrastructure, like bower bird collects and display seeds of the same color and clear the place for dance... The alien creates sound-events almost every day for two hours of duration uninterrupted, alone or with observers. This is not a performance in an ordinary sense - an animal is not trying to play or be interesting - it simply behaves according to its own nature. Sonic attempts to co-exist harmoniously in the environment are being recorded. Selection from recordings will be available to human evaluation via the listening post in Nature Center and online.

What stays after visiting? Sounds of an alien fade away as time goes by, the presence is printed in space unmarked. Only spots of listening are dotting the space, the favorite places the alien spend the most of time. Residues of the leaves turned around by steps, debris re-organized by the alien’s presence might still linger there, indistinguishable from the nature order perhaps. Stop for a moment, make yourself comfortable and listen to the sounds unfolding in these places - here - now. You might be happy now. How long does the present last? Imagine a fairy-tale about an alien...

(點選圖片可線上聆聽 Click to listen online)

藝術家 Artist

Slavek Kwi

Slavek Kwi是聲音藝術家、作曲家,也對將感知現象視作與現實關係的基本決定因素進行研究。長久以來他著迷於聲音環境,發展出他稱之為「電子原音圖景」的創作,這種創作介於純聲音與跨領域作品,藉此探索其中社會的、空間的、時間的過程。Slavek出生於前捷克斯洛伐克,在比利時生活了14年,自2000年以來一直住在愛爾蘭。

Slavek Kwi

Slavek Kwi is a sound-artist, composer and researcher interested in the phenomena of perception as the fundamental determinant of relations with reality. He has a longstanding fascination with sound-environments, developing what he terms ‘electroacoustic sound-paintings’ that oscillate between sound only works and interdisciplinary works exploring social, spatial and temporal processes. Slavek was born in former Czechoslovakia, lived 14 years in Belgium and has been based in Ireland since 2000.