Matt Chun (with Miro Jones)

神聖之所 Shrine

Matt Chun (with Miro Jones)

澳大利亞 Australia

年份 | Year

地點 | Location
Moon Pond Classroom

材料 | Material
Clay, bamboo, natural materials collected on-site

理念 | Statement




During this residency, I will continue to explore the materials and processes that I developed at Guandu International Nature Art Festival in 2016, combined with the conceptual bases that I developed in 2017 while working from Bamboo Curtain Studio.

The installation will suggest the form of an abstracted shrine or votive space, a repository for an aggregation of small objects. These will be made exclusively from materials gathered from the immediate natural environment of the installation site.

I’m interested in the function of a shrine as a piece of liminal public space, frequently sited between built and natural environments, and, ostensibly, between human and metaphysical realms; a fragile medium connecting the tangible to the abstract. Importantly, I am interested in the function of a space dedicated to stories and symbology; a physical manifestation of shared narratives.

Importantly, this work will be made in close collaboration with my 7-year-old son Miro. The stories, figures and symbols that congregate within our ‘shrine’ will be of our own imagining, activated through the process of play. This process was suggested by the Festival theme: ‘Happily Ever After’, a phrase that traditionally and universally concludes a children's story, evoking the arc of a simple narrative and the recitation of folklore.