陳麗玉 Li-Yu CHEN 《隱.覓》Seek 2 

隱.覓 Seek

陳麗玉 Li-Yu CHEN 

臺灣 Taiwan

年份 | Year

位置 | Location
白網室後花園 Secret Garden

材料 | Material
Natural Materials

理念 | Statement
不論 ”莊周與蝶,蝶與莊周。”--- 位移於現實與桃花源,逍遙自適,覓得心靈的平衡。
”蝶隱身於大地,君隱身幻化為蝶。”--- 憑藉是人是蝶亦是土地,尋求與自然的融合與共生。
“Zhuangzi and the butterfly; the butterfly and Zhuangzi.” - Displaced between reality and a paradise, seek to find peace and balance between the body and soul.
 “The butterfly hides within nature whereas you hide as a butterfly.” - As man, as butterfly, and as land, Chen seeks to merge and coexist as one with nature.
Seek 2 (Hide & Seek) should be seen as an action, a process, an act, and a collaboration.

藝術家 Artist




Li-Yu CHEN received her M.A in arts at the Taipei National University of the Arts and has dedicated herself to the exploration of paper pulp fibers. Her artist residencies have brought her to all corners of Taiwan where she presents local stories, historical landscapes, and changing environments using locally-recycled and natural mediums. Residency: Artsite of Railway Warehouse in Hsinchu, Gold Museum, Fang-Liao Art District, and Taitung Donghe Leisure Farm.

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